What is Nice Tomato?

Nice Tomato is essentially a monthly subscription for coloring books (but we call them Color Folios). Subscribers receive a Color Folio + crayons or markers each month in the mail. Every subscription or purchase includes a donated Color Folio to a children's hospital each month. 


Where can I choose the children's hospital my Color Folio will be donated to?

During the checkout process, there is a drop down menu to select the children's hospital to donate Color Folios to.


What's up with 'Dream Small'?

At night we tell stories to our daughters and then sing songs. As we shut off the lights and crack the door, one of us always says, “Sweet dreams, sugar plums. Dream big.” We’ve done this since Eva and Lucy Bea were infants.  One night, 3 year old Eva responded, “Daddy! Mommy! I don’t dream big, I dream small because I’m small. You dream big because you’re big.” From that night on our saying changed to ‘Dream Small’. It’s cute. And it makes sense to tiny humans. And big humans too.


What type of Crayons and Markers come with the Color Folios?

Only the most buttery and delicious - Faber Castell. The crayons and markers are rated for 3 years or older.  


How many crayons, markers or pens come with my color folio each month? 

You can expect 4 crayons or markers to arrive each month with your Color Folio. For hospitals, we ship full, unopened boxes of crayons or markers to meet standard donation safety guidelines.

If you are buying single copies of Color Folios and not a subscription - no crayons or markers are included. 


What age groups are Color Folios geared towards?

We created these books with our pre-school aged girls in mind, so we think they're appropriate for ages 3-10, but we've observed in certain test groups that teens, young adults and even 35 year olds seem to really enjoy them as well.


Are Color Folios for boys or girls?

Color Folios can be enjoyed by either boys or girls.  Some pages may skew a little more towards girls and some boys -- but all pages will appeal to both.


How do I get my kids to color more?

Set up a dedicated art table or area where you can leave supplies out for your kids to use whenever they please. Over the years, we adjusted the types of art supplies that we made readily available to Eva and Lucy Bea. Crayons were the most trustworthy utensil when they were super young (they had a tendency to eat marker tips and graffiti furniture), but crayons quickly evolved into markers, pens, scissors and glue sticks as they grew older. Most mornings, our girls make a bee line for their little coloring table as soon as they wake up. 


Returns, Exchanges, Refunds.

At this time, we do not offer refunds. Nice Tomato prints-on-demand, so as long as your account is active on the 1st of each month, you will receive a Color Folio. See below if you want to cancel your subscription.

If you receive a defective Color Folio, crayons or markers, let us know and we'll replace them at no charge to you. 


How do I cancel my subscription?

There is a link to manage and/or cancel your plan in all of the email notifications we have sent you. Or you can email us at sales@nicetomato.com and we'll cancel your subscription.


How do I change my hospital donation choice?

Email us at sales@nicetomato.com with the new children's hospital that you would like to donate (please make sure they are on our list) and we will update your account profile.


Do you ship outside the U.S.?

We currently only ship to the United States.


Can I buy a Color Folio and not a subscription?

Yes. You can buy a single Color Folio HERE. New Color Folios will be available to purchase around  1 month after we ship to customers with subscriptions. 


I want to donate my Color Folio to a children's hospital that is not on your list.

We are starting out with only a handful of hospitals because we want to make sure that we can supply enough Color Folios to those hospitals before adding more.  That said, email us at info@nicetomato.com and let us know the children's hospital that you would like to donate to and if you would be interested in helping us 'Spread The Color' to that hospital.


Can I change my choice of Crayons or Markers? 

Yes. Email us at sales@nicetomato.com with the change you would like to make and we'll update your account. You can change it as often as you like, but keep in mind we ship around the 15th of each month.  


When should I expect my Color Folio to arrive in the mail?

We ship around the 15th of each month. We use USPS for shipping. Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of every month for your subscription. You will get an email notification when your credit card has been charged and also when your Color Folio has shipped.

If you purchase a single Color Folio (not a subscription), expect your order to fulfilled and shipped within 3-4 days. 


How are credit card payments handled?

We use Stripe as our payment gateway. Stripe is a certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent of certification. None of your Credit Card information is stored on our servers. You can read more about Stripes privacy terms here.


Is Nice Tomato a non-profit organization?

Nice Tomato is a for-profit company with helping children's hospitals central to its mission. With our 'Spread The Color' initiative, our customers become donors, which allows us to grow repeatable donations and provide consistency to supplies that children's hospitals need every month.


When do children's hospitals receive their donated Color Folio packets?

Children's hospitals will receive the Color Folio packets from our subscribers around the same time our subscribers receive theirs - with shipments planned around the 15th of every month.